Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Creative Kaleidoscope of Learning

The Creative Kaleidoscope of Learning is a hands-on educational program that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. It is built upon decades of educational research that proves that young children learn best through direct sensory encounters with the world.

Our Creative Kaleidoscope of Learning gets children involved. They experiment, manipulate, and explore real objects, which allows them to learn about science, math, social studies, art, literacy, and music almost exclusively through doing. Classrooms and outdoor environments are alive with conversations, projects, experiments, reading, and building activities. The materials and activities are individualized and designed to challenge each child’s intellectual development. Effective social skills develop as children work and play in both small and large groups.

Kindergarten Club

Kindergarten Club is a program that helps your child become more comfortable with the transition into Kindergarten. Through a wide variety of activities, lessons, and adventures, Kindergarten Club provides your child ample time to fine-tune many of the skills necessary for Kindergarten admittance. Kindergarten Club is designed to reduce or even eliminate the anxieties and apprehension your child might otherwise experience when beginning the journey into elementary school.

Above all, Kindergarten Club is meant to celebrate this early milestone in your child’s educational career. Your child will receive a special t-shirt and badge when they start and there is a graduation ceremony in the spring!

Kind Child

Studies have shown that when children feel comfortable relating with their peers, know how to resolve problems, and have the ability to recognize and handle their emotions, it can have an enormous impact on how their adult lives take shape. Kind Child is a yearlong program for children ages 2 and older that seeks to instill the following values:

  • Friendship
  • Being Polite and Respectful
  • Respecting Differences
  • Positive Self-Image & Encouragement
  • Responsibility
  • Thankfulness

Kind Child helps teachers nurture and strengthen every child’s social and emotional skills. We are confident that Kind Child will strengthen the entire culture of our school by escalating every child’s feelings of happiness, improving their well-being, and enriching their friendships.